WWE Champions is a roleplay/puzzle/3D game. The game was developed by Gear Inc and published by Scopely.

* 10,000,000+ download on Android/iOS/Amazon/WebGL
* Revenue per month: 6 million+
* Team size: 70+

I joined this project in the feature team. I made changes or rework the following system:

  • All the published release feature have these work flow(some depends on demand):
    • Write TDD
    • Define data structure
    • Define server api
    • Communicate with GD, Artist 2D/3D, UX, VFX artist, QA, LiveOps, DevOps
    • Communicate with Scopely team included designer, SDK team, LiveOps, Makerter/Data Analyzer
    • Send feature analytic
    • Localization
  • RBE (known as Contest in the game): the UI, Deeplink, toast system, badging
  • Home screen
  • League system, replace one for the old level system: Season pass, main UI screen, career mission system, daily mission, re-activation flow, retroactive flow.
  • Roster
  • Inventory Recycle
  • Work with Scopely’s SDK team to integrate and improve the core SDK
  • Contribute CI/CD Jenkin flow, included source post processing
  • Improved Game mode: Versus
  • Game play: add new ability and gem mod
  • Add female wrestler system for all the existing mode.
  • Improve performance of runtime CPU, RAM
  • Improve download size, loading time
  • Hue/Kibana/Apollo query for checking data warehouse and Advertising

More details: https://wwechampions.com/