Soul Negotiator – 魂の交渉屋とボクの物語

Soul Negotiator (Tamaboku) won the 2015 Japan e-Learning Grand Prize Gamification Award!

A Gree Corp owned project!

Game genre: Text Adventure.

In 2015, This is the first Rikkeisoft project ever that I joined from scratch. As an initializer, I investigated UTAGE3 and customed the plugin to write the core gameplay. further more, prepare data structure and TDD.

The game support platforms: AndroidiOSWebGLWindows

The core technology/plugin was used:

  • UTAGE3
  • Easy Save 2
  • iTween
  • Social Network FB/Twitter API
  • With Unity just released UGUI in 4.6 version, we try the new thing and no longer use condition way – NGUI anymore.
  • ScriptableObject for the data container.
  • GrowthPush for the Push Notification.
  • LWF for animation player
  • Build Report plugin for control the asset and app size
FTUE screen

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