Nicoe Touch

Nicoe is top big restaurant in Japan belong to Shunkado Corporate (130 years of history)

about Nicoe touch: The Nicoe shop is virtually reproduced on a large monitor installed in the eat-in space. The cast will transform into avatars, gather together, and touch the screen to play. If you try many times, rare characters that you rarely meet may appear.

I join this project in 2014 as a Rikkeisoft employee. As a junior developer by this time, my challenge is to control the large quantity of 3D models, combine camera view and animation to make them work smoothly. Bring the best cinematic feeling to the big touch screen with Unity 5.x which not support so much yet.
Some plugin/technology was used in the project: NGUI, iTween, Twitter API.

(60+ 3D human model, 100+ 3D model of pieces stuff in environment)

フロアガイド|nicoe(ニコエ) | 浜北スイーツ・コミュニティ(静岡県浜松市)
Every model represent a staff
Entrance, where customer using the app
An introduce animation