3D Planner – 3Dプランナー

Just like Planner 5D, but the app is for Japan market, 3D Planner was published on the App Store Japanese only. The app support user to virtual their room with custom 3D furniture and paint color. It’s included huge library of 3D model furniture come from common or famous furniture brands from Japan.

I joined the project in 2015 and have a chance to investigate and learn new things. The core technology/plugin was used:

  • Server API communication.
  • Asset bundles management.
  • Etcetera/Prime31.
  • Custom Native plugin (manage camera and photos album)
  • SimpleSQL, Sqlite3 with DAO design pattern
  • Thus: NGUI, touch controller on mobile device, 3D color customize, mini JSON

The app was closed around 2018

Customize furniture
a Part of UX flow
Thousand of 3D asset managed by Sqlite database and asset bundle

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